Resinous, potent, clean, tasty, terp-y, cannabis flowers that paint the hillside vibrant green and flood the senses with that distinct alluring aroma, will again grow on the Blazin Trails farm. This woman-owned and operated, off-grid, sun-powered, always pesticide-free farm is focused on continuous innovation of best practices in sustainable regenerative ways to farm, do business, and live. Grown on one acre of canopy in the full natural sunshine, near the 38 degree of latitude, at 2700 elevation, sitting atop a mineral rich historic gold mine, on a beautiful south facing mountain overlooking the horizon of unfolding hills of Calaveras County passionately grown cannabis that can’t help but invite you to pause, reflect, appreciate, and imagine what is possible in this life… and then, spark inspiration within you to blaze a trail to get there.  




Whether you believe we’re on the precipice of a revolution, an apocalypse, or an incredible new era for humanity, one thing’s certain ...we’re gonna want weed for this journey. The versatile and powerful healing that cannabis provides is unmistakable. We’re also going to wish we had disaster-fortified housing and food production....Earthships.* The obstacles facing humanity right now can sometimes feel like one big pressurized unsurmountable mess. Massive disturbances in health, housing, happiness, politics, and climate, are calling us to re-imagine how we can participate in the world. With the right perspective, this can allow us to create a better future. While both farming and business can be major contributors to the problem… when they are done right they hold the incredible potential to be important keys in the solution.  

Blazin Trails, founded in 2015, by Calaveras County local Sarah Hodson, is a cannabis cultivation company on a mission to cultivate a better world by inspiring humanity to reconnect to ourselves, the earth, and each other through our alliance with the cannabis plant and its benefits, and the regenerative practice of farming it. Blazin Trails also aspires to catalyze an adventure of collaborative action towards creating a fortified future, for farming and human habitat by fulfilling further visions of developing the land into a canna-agri-eco-tourism farm with Earthship greenhouse/ lodge/ center for community resilience at its location near Murphys California.  

What is an Earthship? An Earthship is an autonomous, sustainable, sun or wind powered, thermal mass heated and insulated, earth-cooled, water-collecting and recycling, sewage-treating, food-producing, disaster-fortified home made from materials that include recycled earth-filled tires, cans and bottles.

See Earthship Biotecture Company.    See the Garbage Warrior Documentary. 



It’s an interesting time for the cannabis industry as dust is slowly settling in the transformation of the ending of prohibition. While California progresses forward with evolving regulations, and the potential of opening interstate commerce from federal rescheduling is imaginable on the foreseeable horizon, cannabis in Calaveras County has gone from a regulated and taxed industry, to the dark ages of a two year cultivation ban, and back now with a solid ordinance for regulation. From off the rollercoaster, and a long pause on operations, Blazin Trails is emerging with renewed inspiration, an expanded network and upgraded education to rise into this new era with more wisdom, perspective, and passion than ever before.  

Sarah reveres a deep connection with the cycles of the earth, and the Native American and mining history of the land she farms. She embodies the fire, passion and persevering spirit of a new kind of pioneer. Out of over 800 farms that originally registered in Calaveras in 2016, only approx 190 are now eligible to meet the current prerequisites to become permitted. Many of these have been sold because the original founder was unable to move forward. Through many trials, tribulations, crisis mitigations, forest fire blazes, tricky negotiations, mine shaft repels for water, and literal actual roadblocks, Sarah, Blazin Trails, and the whole extended team has dedicated the blood, sweat, and tears, to be one of these farms. 

Teamwork, family, community roots, and professional alliances are pillars of strength of essential support to Blazin Trails. In 2017 after months of extensive preparing and strategizing, and not without the massive support of Calaveras Cannabis Alliance the whole community, and her team, Sarah represented herself in an appeal against the denial of her cultivation permit, and won the right to continue her farm, becoming the third out of over two hundred appeals to ever win. For many months to follow, she worked closely and diligently with the county and water board to meticulously meet every costly requirement imposed and bring all aspects of the farm into full compliance with new regulatory standards. 

Going forward... careful strategic planning, lean efficient operating, keen agile adaptability, impeccable care for quality of both product and human relations, prioritization of legal compliance, smart financial management, strong far reaching industry and community network, and founder’s extensive experience in cultivation, business, compliance, project management, and relentless dedication will fuel Blazin Trails to accomplish all it sets out to do.  



At the essence of cultivating a better world is learning to recalibrate ourselves, redevelop our connection to the earth, and remembering the strength and joy that is created when we connect as a community. Blazin Trails isn’t trying to take over the whole cannabis industry and believes that we all stand to benefit more if we can all find our specific place to contribute, our niche. Blazin Trails is more than another weed farm, it is a place, a product and a way of being that is designed to support humanity to adapt and thrive through uncertain times.

Blazin Trails prioritizes awareness, adaptability, commitment to continual learning, applied strategies for sustainable, regenerative, mutually beneficial practices in agriculture, business, and community. By producing clean, consistent, quality and the reputation that goes with that, Blazin Trails builds lasting alliances with those we do business with. 

We just want to grow great weed and thrive. Keep learning, developing, and innovating. Create ecologically thriving land, farm, and business. Build an Earthship to fortify the future. Connect, collaborate, and build community. Cultivate a better world. Celebrate ...and blaze some fucking trails.

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